AAUAP Futures Papers

Welcome to the "Futures Papers." These seven papers, each covering anessential, cross-cutting topical area, were initiated by the AAUAP Board ofDirectors. The papers were written by a variety of authors within andaffiliated with the Association, under the leadership of AAUAP's PolicyAnalysis and Evaluation committee (Ansley Bacon and Terrence Dolan,co-chairs).

The papers you see here have undergone review and change at several levelsand by a variety of individuals and groups, both within and outside theAssociation. Perhaps most significantly, open discussions were held at the1996 annual meeting. Between reviews and following the annual meeting, DrsBacon and Dolan did a significant amount of work in formatting and organizingthe manuscripts for consistency.

The original charge to the authors was to discuss the major issues for theparticular topic, to address the implications for university affiliatedprograms, and to make recommendations about how individual UAPs and/or theUAP network may respond. The idea was to look beyond the next year or two;rather, the papers were designed to examine ways that individual programs andthe network as a whole could position themselves for success into the nextcentury.

Now it is time to move from talk to action. At its next meeting, the Boardof Directors will be discussing a process for making this happen.

The Futures Papers present a stunning array of challenges for all of us. Tosurvive, it will be critical to think beyond present circumstances. OurAssociation has repeatedly shown the determination, the strength, and thecreativity to change. It is now time not only to evolve slowly, but to takea leap. These papers offer us an important starting line.

We appreciate the input that was provided by so many people throughout theUAP network. As we move from the thoughts within these papers and on toactions and strategies for implementation, AAUAP will rely upon our memberssustaining involvement and support.

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Last updated 10-23-1997.