Interdisciplinary Council


The Interdisciplinary Council (also referred to as the ID Council) was established as an integral unit of the American Association of University Affiliated Programs. The mission of the ID Council is to perform the following function as a means of helping to meet the special needs, problems, and potential of persons with mental retardation or other developmental disabilities:

button    Provide a forum and other resources for collectively examining and advancing the interdisciplinary mission and program of training, service, research, and community program development

button    Define and promote the concept of interdisciplinary in training, service, research, and community program development

button    Advise the executive board of the association on matters pertaining to interdisciplinary practice in training, service, research, and community program development

The Interdisciplinary Council is unique among councils of the American Association on University Affiliated Programs in that the membership of the ID Council consists of representatives fom disciplines within university affiliated programs. Each discipline elects two primary representatives that serve on the ID Council and work with the ID Council on its mission. This organizational structure allows for diverse input from people in a variety of roles within their respective UAPs.

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