The AAUAP Board has developed the following legislative agenda for the year 2000. While AAUAP recognizes that there are many critically important issues in legislation and policy that need to be addressed, our resources are limited and therefore, we must carefully consider the issues in which AAUAP will take a lead. We have divided our agenda into three Tiers: the first tier indicates issues that AAUAP will have as its top priority and where AAUAP will take leadership roles within the disability community. The second tier indicates issue areas where AAUAP will participate in coalition activities but not necessarily serve in a leadership capacity. The third tier will relates to other issues that will be monitored by AAUAP and updates will be forwarded to you when appropriate.

Tier I:

  1. Reauthorization of Developmental Disabilities Act
  2. Appropriations for UAPs, LENDs, DDRCs and other relevant programs

Tier II :

  1. Children's Health Care Act
  2. Family Opportunities Act

Tier III:

  1. IDEA (addressing various attacks on the law)
  2. Patient's Bill of Rights
  3. Medicare/Medicaid policies/prescription drug legislation

    Continue to monitor other areas of interest and be able to report to UAP network or make referrals for information.

    Contact Donna Ledder Meltzer with comments or questions!

    Last Updated: 10/18/00