Current Board Members Present: Penny Seay, President, Bob Bacon, Yvonne Fryberger, Tawara Taylor Goode, Tracy Price Johnson, Mark Innocenti, Gloria Krahn, David Mank, Cate McClain, Keith Miller, John Moeschler, Fred Orelove, Norb Ryan, Bob Stodden, Tom Uno, Sheryl White-Scott

Outgoing Board Members Present: Chris Burns, Mike Hoenig, Jerry Sells, Valerie Williams

Staff Present: Steve Eidelman, Theresa Hosinski, Roland Loudenburg, Donna Meltzer

Current Board Members Absent: David Helm, Sharon Ramey

Guest Present: Jim Piet, New Hampshire UAP

The Board meeting began in Executive session.


A conference call was conducted with Sharon Ramey to discuss the MRDDRC status of maintaining affiliation with AAUAP. S. Ramey shared the following basic items:

Following conclusion of the conference call, the following motion was made by G. Krahn and seconded by D. Mank: Whereas AAUAP values research and; Whereas AAUAP needs a research base to the Association and; Whereas there is a specific and shared interest among the Board and the MRDDRCs; Therefore AAUAP authorizes the Acting Executive Director and Director of Legislative Affairs to discuss, in good faith, those measures necessary by both the Association and the MRDDRCs to continue a working relationship into the future and, furthermore, offers the participation by telephone and in person of members of the Board of Directors at the meeting tentatively scheduled for October 28, 1998. The motion passed unanimously.

P. Seay, D. Mank, K. Miller, and S. White-Scott indicated they could be available for the meeting via conference call. T. Taylor Goode could be available to attend the meeting in person.


A motion was made by D. Mank and seconded by T. Uno to approve the May 17, 1998 and August 15 & 16, 1998 Board of Directors meeting minutes. The motion passed with 6 abstentions.

S. White-Scott indicated she would finalize minutes from the series of Board conference calls and forward to P. Seay.


The following meeting strengths were noted:

C. McClain indicated that combining the LEND Directors with the Health Care Reform Task Force was not effective, and the groups should meet separately in the future. C. Burns similarly indicated there was not support from the Training Directors’ Council or the LEND Directors to consolidate those two groups. In the absence of group consolidation, Chris stressed the importance of insuring communication between the Committees and the Councils related to core function issues.

Given that the Board has decided to conduct one meeting per year, S. White-Scott indicated there is a need to modify the Board’s motion related to the annual meeting rotating every other year from an educational focus to a business focus.

T. Hosinski reported an estimated $7,000. profit from this year’s annual meeting.


B. Stodden and S. White-Scott led a discussion regarding AAUAP’s current and future commitments regarding co-sponsorship of IASSID. It was noted the Board previously approved a $25,000 expenditure for this initiative, agreeing to share up-front costs and profits/ liabilities. AAUAP has expended $8,791 to date to support B. Jones’ travel for IASSID planning. In investigating potential future reimbursement for this expenditure, it was discovered that the IASSID Conference Planning Committee did not understand such expenses to be reimbursable. At this point, AAUAP is being requested to commit $13,000 for co-sponsorship. Given the current projected expenses for the IASSID Congress, it is estimated there would need to be 1,100 registrants to break-even. For the next 300 registrants, AAUAP would profit $70/person. For any registrants over 1,400, AAUAP would profit $100/person. Historically IASSID has generated 1,300-2,000 registrants.

B. Stodden indicated he would be meeting with the IASSID Conference Planning Committee later this week to pursue continuation of the discussion. Bob was requested to prepare a summary report of the information obtained. At the same time, the Budget Committee was requested to provide a report regarding the projected impact of an additional $13,000. expenditure. Both reports will be provided during the November 2nd Board conference call at which time the Board will formulate a decision.

Given AAUAP will be conducting it’s annual meeting in conjunction with IASSID in August, 2000, it was suggested the Association investigate planning/coordinating an educational strand for the Congress.


LEND Directors

Cate McClain reported the LEND Directors have requested: 1) more time (one day meetings) to identify the group’s mission and to coalesce; and 2) designated representation on the Board. Y. Fryberger indicated the need to survey the Directors to determine their current position regarding the need /appropriateness of one LEND program per state. C. McClain and J. Moeschler were requested to work with S. Eidelman to maintain the momentum of the LEND Directors and forward group collaboration.


The Training Directors from LEND Programs have requested that Council meeting time be extended to permit time for them to meet as a group.


D. Meltzer reported that the following process was identified by the Legislative Affairs Committee regarding establishing AAUAP’s position for reauthorization of the DD Act. The Committee will identify relevant questions or issues concerning the reauthorization. These will be edited, synthesized, and placed on a listserve, along with a time for a virtual dialogue (approximately 2-3 days) for each issue. Participants from across the Network will be invited to add information, react to other points of view, and provide input. Listserves will include consumers and other relevant stakeholders. Each question or issue will be synthesized and summarized and followed by a Committee conference call for verbal input. The results of this process will be utilized by the Committee to formulate a position paper (for Board approval) that AAUAP would take forward in negotiations of reauthorization of the DD Act starting in January, 1999.


David Mank, K. Miller, and B. Bacon will work with S. Eidelman to revise the "Future Visions for AAUAP" white paper based upon feedback obtained during the annual meeting. The paper will be revised and submitted to the Board for comment within the next week. Final Board approval will be addressed during the November 2nd conference call.

David Mank requested that discussion of a resolution process to engage the membership in substantial policy issues be included on the agenda for the Winter Board meeting. David will outline a potential resolution process for the Board’s consideration.

The need to have new Board members sign the Board’s confidentiality agreement, and/or to update all such Board member agreements, will be placed on a future conference call/meeting agenda for discussion.

Steve Eidelman reported the Central Office lease agreement terminates 4/30/99. Steve was requested to investigate lease options and submit to the Budget Committee to formulate a recommendation. The recommendation will be presented to the Board for final approval.

The need to update the Board & Committee lists and Listserves was identified.

S. White-Scott will finalize letters of commitments regarding AAUAP staff positions.

B. Bacon was appointed to the Program Committee and G. Krahn to the Budget Committee. K. Miller was requested to serve as the liaison between the Budget and Program Committees. P. Seay will discuss Committee appointments with D. Helm and N. Ryan.


The Board will continue monthly conference calls on the first Monday of each month from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. Mark your calendars for November 2, December 7, January 4, and February 1.

The Winter Board meeting will be conducted February 13-15, 1999 in Washington DC. The meeting has been scheduled in conjunction with the ADD Commissioner’s Forum. P. Seay will contact Sue Swenson to discuss AAUAP’s potential involvement in assisting with Forum planning.

The Spring Board meeting will be conducted May 22 & 23, 1999 in conjunction with AAMR’s Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

Yvonne Bullock Fryberger

Secretary, AAUAP

October 22, 1998

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