November 2, 1998

Board Members Participating: Penny Seay, President, Bob Bacon, Yvonne Fryberger, David Helm, Mark Innocenti, Gloria Krahn, David Mank, Keith Miller, Fred Orelove, Sharon Ramey, Norb Ryan, Bob Stodden, Tom Uno, Sheryl White-Scott

Staff Present: Steve Eidelman, Theresa Hosinski, Roland Loudenburg, Donna Meltzer

Board Members Absent: Tawara Taylor Goode, Tracy Price Johnson, Cate McClain, John Moeschler


S. Ramey reported the meeting of the identified MRDDRC Directors, S. Eidelman, & D. Meltzer that was scheduled for 10/28/98 did not occur due to scheduling conflicts. Attempts will be made to reschedule the meeting for early November, 1998. P. Seay reaffirmed the availability of several AAUAP Board members to participate in the meeting via conference call or in person.


S. Eidelman reported Sue Swenson may have funds available to convene the LEND Directors to identify ways in which the LEND training program promotes ADD’s agenda and to address other issues. Caution was expressed regarding an ADD focus within LEND Programs and the potential conflict with MCH-B. It was suggested that a meeting of LEND Directors be collaboratively planned among AAUAP, MCH-B, & ADD in order to avoid unnecessary friction.

S. Eidelman indicated he is continuing to attempt to schedule a meeting with Woody Kessel. S. Ramey volunteered to provide Steve with information and approaches that may facilitate interactions with Dr. Kessel. Steve is to set up a conference call among P. Seay, C. McClain, J. Moeschler, & F. Palmer to identify a specific strategy for interfacing with MCH-B.


B. Stodden reviewed the IASSID status report he submitted to the Board via e-mail on 10/28/98 (see Attachment A). It was explained the IASSID conference registration fee is set for $400. We have not yet resolved whether this fee would totally subsume a registration fee for AAUAP’s annual meeting. However, if AAUAP agrees to co-sponsor the event, the logistics and administrative activities associated with AAUAP’s annual meeting would be assumed by the IASSID Local Planning Committee. Co-sponsorship would also yield the following distribution of profits: IASSID 50%, Local Planning Committee 25%, AAUAP 25%. S. Ramey reported the MRDDRC Directors are planning to meet one day before the conference. It was noted that scheduling of AAUAP business in conjunction with IASSID has not been resolved.

K. Miller indicated the AAUAP Budget Subcommittee reviewed AAUAP’s potential financial commitment of $13,000 to IASSID. Such a commitment would require a $6,500 payment on or before 12/1/98, and $6,500 on or before 7/1/99. It was explained the Subcommittee considered financial risks, benefits, and political implications in formulating a recommendation to the Board. A motion was made by K. Miller on behalf of AAUAP’s Budget Subcommittee for AAUAP to reaffirm a $13,000 commitment to IASSID. The motion passed unanimously. (see Attachment B for Budget Subcommittee minutes) P. Seay will send formal notification of this action to the IASSID Local Planning Committee.

Appointment of B. Stodden to the IASSID Local Planning Committee was reaffirmed. T. Dolan will be notified of this appointment. S. Ramey suggested one of the IASSID Local Planning Committee meetings be conducted in conjunction with an AAUAP Board or annual meeting.

In accordance with the IASSID status report submitted by B. Stodden, Dr. Stodden was assigned the responsibility of identifying individuals to work with him "to organize a plan for cultivating and securing IASSID participation of AAUAP member programs, as well as other national organizations and groups that might have an interest in the conference." The plan will be submitted to the Board for input and approval.


R. Loudenburg solicited questions about the Bank Resolution that was submitted to the Board via e-mail yesterday (see Attachment C). It was explained that safeguards have been incorporated into the resolution which require the signature of the Board President or Treasurer for certain financial transactions. A motion was made by T. Uno and S. Ramey to approve the Bank Resolution as submitted. The motion passed with two abstentions. The following individuals will be required to sign the resolution: P. Seay, President; K. Miller, Treasurer; Y. Fryberger, Secretary; Staff: S. Eidelman, D. Meltzer, and R. Loudenburg.


K. Miller directed the Board’s attention to the revised AAUAP Mission Paper draft that was e-mailed to Board members on 10/30/98 (Attachment D). This last version of the paper was worked on by K. Miller, B. Bacon, D. Mank & S. Eidelman. The following suggested modifications were provided as substantive revisions during the Board’s discussion of the paper:

F. Orelove indicated he had submitted comments on the draft to P. Seay. S. Ramey noted there could be some language to strengthen AAUAP’s tie to the MRDDRCs and commitment to research. It was decided that any additional comments from the Board should be e-mailed to K. Miller by Wednesday evening, 11/4/98. K. Miller will incorporate the comments into the document and send to the membership via all AAUAP Listserves and the AAUAP homepage. Membership comments will be requested to be returned by 12/1/98. The final document is projected to be completed no later than 12/31/98.


Y. Fryberger proposed the following procedures for review and dissemination of Board minutes which was supported by the Board:

S. White-Scott noted similar procedures need to be developed to correspond to various aspects of AAUAP’s Bylaws. Y. Fryberger indicated a separate file will be maintained for all procedures that are developed.


The following Subcommittee assignments were presented by P. Seay and supported by the Board:

Budget: K. Miller, Chair, G. Krahn, D. Mank, T. Uno, S. White-Scott

Program: B. Bacon, Chair, Y. Fryberger, D. Helm, M. Innocenti, T. Price Johnson, N. Ryan

Organization: F. Orelove, Chair, T. Goode, C. McClain, J. Moeschler, S. Ramey, B. Stodden

K. Miller will serve as the liaison between the Budget and Program Subcommittees.


S. Eidelman reported he had met with AAUAP’s accounting firm and the Association will receive nearly a $8,000 discount if the outstanding balance of $32,000 is paid immediately. A motion was made by K. Miller on behalf of AAUAP’s Budget Subcommittee to immediately pay the outstanding balance of $32,000 for accounting services. The motion passed unanimously. K. Miller further indicated that in the future, minutes of Budget Subcommittee meetings will be routinely disseminated to the entire Board for information.

Respectfully submitted,

Yvonne Bullock Fryberger
Secretary, AAUAP

November 23, 1998

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