December 7, 1998

Board Members Participating: Penny Seay, President, Bob Bacon, Yvonne Fryberger, Tawara Taylor Goode, David Helm, Mark Innocenti, Tracy Price Johnson, Gloria Krahn, David Mank, Cate McClain, Keith Miller, John Moeschler, Fred Orelove, Sharon Ramey, Tom Uno

Staff Present: Steve Eidelman, Theresa Hosinski, Donna Meltzer

Board Members Absent: Norb Ryan, Bob Stodden, Sheryl White-Scott

The call was convened by P. Seay, President, at 4:00 p.m. E.S.T.


P. Seay reported she has received and compiled comments from the AAUAP membership regarding the Future Visions for AAUAP position paper. No substantive changes were received. Penny will submit the compiled comments to the Position Paper Task Force to incorporate into a final document.


S. Eidelman reported he will be meeting with Dr. Drum again on December 24, 1998 and will attempt to schedule routine monthly meetings for ongoing contact. It is not anticipated that Dr. Drum will be permanently appointed to the position; MCHB will be looking for an individual who has a training background. The Association should thus be prepared to offer recommendations on good candidates that could be considered for the position. Dr. Fox is filling his position permanently, while Dr. Van Dyke is in an acting position. Discussion ensued regarding the need for AAUAP to nurture MCHB regarding the Bureau’s current role with children with developmental disabilities and their families.

S. Eidelman reported AAUAP will be receiving the Inspector General’s Report in January or February, 1999 for review and comment. Response from the AAUAP membership regarding non-competition of successful LEND programs tended to be split between support from current funded LEND programs, and nonsupport from those UAPs who do not currently operate a LEND program.


S. Ramey reported the meeting between AAUAP staff/Board members and identified MRDDRC Directors has not yet been conducted, but will occur on December 18, 1998 from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. Sharon requested the AAUAP staff/Board members be prepared to offer examples of how D. Meltzer can effectively implement and clarify her legislative advocacy role on the Hill when she is wearing "two hats", i.e. research (MRDDRCs) and clients/services (UAPs). The December 18th meeting will concentrate on assessing the capabilities of AAUAP to more vigorously lobby and market on behalf of the MRDDRCs. P. Seay will participate in the meeting via conference call and requested any additional Board members to contact her should they also be available for the meeting.


D. Meltzer reported the Legislative Affairs Committee has had ongoing communication via the list-serve and weekly conference calls to draft a position on the reauthorization of the DD Act. Contact has been made with Sue Swenson during this process. The Committee will disseminate a draft position to AAUAP’s membership for input, with a final position being submitted to the Board by early to mid January, 1999 for approval. This position will then be utilized to negotiate support from the DD Sister programs prior to going to the Hill.


P. Seay reported the FBI caught T. Jackson last week in Los Angeles and Ms. Jackson is currently awaiting transfer to Maryland to stand trial. T. Hosinski and B. Jones will be providing depositions on January 6, 1999.


S. Eidelman reviewed the E-mail message that was disseminated to Board members regarding the need to identify strategies around support for the LEND programs for the FY 2000 appropriations process (Attachment A). The following major points were presented by Board members during the discussion:

• S. Ramey identified the need to assure each state has the faculty/resources to train leaders, should the Association choose to advocate for a LEND Program in every state.

• K. Miller stated LEND funding could provide the capability of states to develop such resources in those areas which such does not currently exist.

• J. Moeschler & G. Krahn stated the Association’s agenda should be based upon a review of the LEND Programs’ purpose and identification of actual needs.

• Y. Fryberger stated historically, as AAUAP has advocated for expansion of the number of LEND Programs, the amount of funding per program has reduced, while program requirements have increased. It is thus necessary to simultaneously address the program guidance and requirements as recommendations regarding number of programs and funding levels are formulated.

• C. McClain suggested AAUAP’s agenda might incorporate a tiered approach over the next several years to attempt to meet the diversity of member needs.

It was recommended that J. Moeschler & C. McClain take a leadership role in formulating the agenda. It was further agreed a small group be identified to work with these Board members on the agenda. Composition of the work group should be strategically identified to assure diversity of representation (Board, non-Board, LEND, non-LEND, non -AAUAP). The following individuals were identified to convene via conference call to further discuss the MCHB agenda development process: P. Seay, J. Moeschler, C. McClain, Y. Fryberger, G. Krahn, K. Miller, F. Orelove, and S. Eidelman.



K. Miller utilized the 12/3/98 Budget Committee report that was distributed to the Board via e-mail (Attachment B) to discuss and present the following Committee motions. EACH MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

Motion 1: AAUAP should accept the new conditions of the negotiated lease and sign a new lease for the three year period.

- Discussion: It was noted the new conditions and lease will save AAUAP approximately $17,000/year. (See Attachment C.)

Motion 2: AAUAP should bring up to current status the 403 B employee match account for all employees through December, 1998 by using funds from the Money Market Reserve Account.

- Discussion: It was explained the motion does not include payment of interest that may have been accrued and that this issue was not considered by the Budget Committee. P. Seay directed the Budget Committee to work with AAUAP staff to identify projected figures for past interest on the employee match accounts and requested the Committee to formulate a recommendation for the Board. It was indicated that 403B employee match funds are currently budgeted as a fringe and placed in an employee set aside match fund account. Therefore, these accounts will remain current. G. Krahn suggested the Board develop plans to reestablish an account to cover accrued employee vacation and sick leave, as funds become available.

Motion 3: AAUAP should replace $1,000 of the total amount owed to the Rudiger Trust Fund with the expectation of continuing to repay the Fund as possible until it is completely restored.

- Discussion: Again, the Budget Committee did not consider repayment of the interest that would have been accrued on this account. In previous discussions of the Rudiger Fund, it was the Board’s intent to restore lost interest. The Budget Committee will include this factor in calculating the total fund amount due.


Motion 4: AAUAP should forgive the Reserve Fund Balance debt of $25,000 to ourselves and dissolve the obligation to contribute $5,000 annually to our Reserve Fund. Believing that a Reserve Fund to be desirable, however, we will re-visit the issue in FY 2001 to determine if our financial situation will allow us to resume this savings practice.


Motion 5: As a pilot project, AAUAP should seek to contract with the Waisman Center to provide the data management tasks necessary to complete its contractual obligations for current projects, provided the function can be contracted for an amount similar to that budgeted for the position designated to accomplish this in-house.

- Discussion: K. Miller explained the Committee’s recommendation to outsource the current data management tasks in lieu of hiring someone in-house is based upon the short time frame associated with completion of the tasks.

Motion 6: The AAUAP Board should develop a process deemed to be fair and acceptable to member organizations for bidding on any such tasks in the future which might reasonably be outsourced to the network for full or partial completion.


K. Miller reviewed the estimated amounts due for contract overpayments (see Budget Committee report, Attachment B).

The following lead persons were identified and supported by the Board to negotiate the overpayments:

- MCH and ADD database projects: P. Seay and S. Eidelman
- World Vision: P. Seay, K. Miller, and R. Loudenburg
- Old ADD TA Contract: Letter sent by P. Seay; awaiting ADD response
- AOCAP: P. Seay


T. Taylor Goode identified the imminent need for the Board to develop a position paper regarding ADD’s MTARS review process.

The call was adjourned at 5:35 p.m. E.S.T.

Respectfully submitted,

Yvonne Bullock Fryberger,
AAUAP Secretary


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