April 22, 1999

TO: AAUAP Colleagues
FROM: Penny Seay, Ph.D.
  President, AAUAP
RE: AAUAP Mid-Year Report

Since taking over the office of President of the Board of Directors in October, AAUAP has continued to face many challenges, but has also made great progress. Steve Eidelman, as our Interim Executive Director continues to be a great asset to AAUAP, assisting us in moving forward in very positive directions since October. The Board, AAUAP staff, and I have worked diligently at continuing the work of the Association, reviewing and setting priorities, and preparing a plan of action for the future.

The purpose of this Mid-Year Report is to update the membership on the progress and the issues facing the Association. AAUAP is much stronger than we were one year ago, although we are still resolving past legal and financial issues. The Board of Directors has clarified the problems, and we are moving toward resolution of many. We have completed all of the necessary financial reviews, and are now confident of the extent of our liabilities.

This Mid-Year Report includes an update on several major initiatives of the Association: the status of the Executive Director search, an overview of the financial and programmatic status, and AAUAP central office staff changes. In addition, the approved minutes of the AAUAP Board of Directors Fall, 1998, meeting and the monthly conference calls of the Board from November and December, 1998, are included. There have been numerous other accomplishments and ongoing activities that have been addressed by the Board and the Association that are too numerous to detail in this report. If you would like additional information about any of this information, please contact me or any other Board member. I can be reached by phone at (512) 471-7621, or e-mail at pseay@mail.utexas.edu, to discuss any of these issues.

I am continually gratified to work with the individuals within this network. Our efforts do make a difference to people with developmental and other disabilities in our communities. As I hope this Mid-Year Report reflects, the Association has accomplished a great deal over the last six months. We are in a much more stable position than we were, and are formulating solid recommendations for debt reduction and operating budget. We have continued to meet our obligations with grants, contracts, and our federal partners. In addition, as we face the challenges that lie ahead of us, we continue to develop strength and unity in our network. As an Association and as a network, we have valuable contributions to make, and are examining ways to reconfigure how we offer our expertise to meet the needs of our constituents.

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