Multicultural Council

The Multicultural Council is established as an integral part of the American Association of University Affiliated Programs. The mission of the Council is to advocate on behalf of the cultural diversity and cultural competence mandates of the Developmental Disabilities Act as amended. The Council fulfills this mission to the Association and its constituent membership by serving as a conduit for technical assistance, providing input into policy, and engaging in other support activities deemed necessary to advance the multicultural mandate.

The primary purpose of the Council is for training, community service, research, and dissemination to be provided in a culturally competent manner and secure the meaningful participation of individuals from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds at all levels of the Association's membership.

The Council shall serve as a focus for the identification and discussion of issues regarding cultural competence and cultural diversity; serve as a representative voice of the cultural diversity and cultural competence interests and concerns within the Association's network; and influence the development and implementation of national policies and initiatives relevant to achieving and sustaining cultural competence and cultural diversity within each member program.

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